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Gecko noon

There are more than 20 kinds of lizards in Madagascar. Some are very famous among other things, chameleon, gecko, skink, and iguanas. The strange thing is non-religious lizards and monitor lizards as there is in Asia and Africa.

Gecko noon

Unlike most geckos that come out at night, day geckos are lizards that are active during the day. Gecko prey during most of the insects.

Tail gecko Uroplatus leaf or

This gecko has a remarkable ability to camouflage. Uroplatus geckos are not active during the day and only move when disturbed. They respond to disturbance by opening brightly colored mouth and a stiffened tail. At night this gecko hunting insects.


Madagascar is home to about 150 species of chameleons world. Chameleon is a small to medium sized reptiles are best known for the ability to change color dramatically. Contrary to modern belief, chameleons do not change color to match the surrounding environmental conditions. But rather to express emotions, defend territories, and communicate with its kind.

Chameleons can change color because of two layers of specialized cells that exist beneath the transparent outer skin.

Chameleon defend territory against its power and aggressive species. They are opportunistic hunters that wait for prey to come by in the distance as far as the tongue length. Most chameleons reproduce by laying eggs.

In some parts of Madagascar chameleons feared for their magical power and the ability to see the future.

Some of the world's smallest reptile is part of the genus Brookesia, chameleon tail stump or tail leaves. One species of Brookesia reaches a maximum length of more than one inch (30 mm). These small creatures found on dead leaves in the rain forest and dry deciduous forest in many places in Madagakar. Brookesia chameleon prey on small insects and relies on the ability of color camouflage to avoid predators. When disturbed, these chameleons will play dead to resemble a dead leaf. Chameleon brokesia most easily found at night when sleeping in the bush foliage.
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American wood frog

For most animals, freezing means certain death, but for North American wood frog, freezing is actually a strategy to survive the long winter. When the temperature decreases, the organ of the frog is surrounded with cold water, which causes the heart stops beating, the lungs to stop breathing and the kidneys stop working. Frogs enter a state of "suspended animation" where it can live for months until the spring came at the time it will melt and become fully functional again in 10 hours.
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Conolophus subcristatus

These reptiles called latin Conolophus subcristatus. Yellow reptile is very rarely found. This species is a native species of the Galapagos islands.

Alloy yellow and dark gray is very beautiful especially with the dominance of yellow on the bottom and gray on the top. With beautiful color, this animal is not so terrible.
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Calotes versicolor

This unique colored species can be found widely in Asia and other named Calotes versicolor. They are insectivores insectivorous alias. His face was hideous, but with a beautiful skin color that is pink and white blend makes these animals deserve to be pampered. This beautiful animal is interesting to be maintained because the color is very beautiful and attractive.
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Red blue lizard

Red blue lizard is a reptile species that can be found in the Sahara, Africa. This species is sometimes seen in the heat of the sun. During mating season the males will change the color of their skin becomes more beautiful, head, neck and tail will turn bright orange and the body turns into a dark blue.

Lizard with this color rarely found. The blue color that dominates the lower body especially the tail and part of her belly is looking pretty in her first with a blend of dark blue combined with red brick on the head. Can be pets and can be an inspiration for those who like to create a masterpiece.
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Furcifer pardalis

This colorful chameleon species Furcifer pardalis Latin name, and can be found in Madagascar, Reunion and Mauritius. The female species is smaller than the male species, about half. Body length can be up to 50 cm long.

Colorful chameleon inherent in the body are quite numerous and varied. The dominance of red and orange make for its own beauty chameleon. Notice the eye that form a circle with a pretty flower motif. Cried also when maintaining this beautiful chameleon. Surely we will not be afraid.
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Veiled Chameleon

Veiled Chameleon is a species of large, colorful chameleon that can be found in Yemen and Saudi Arabia. They can change skin color depending on their mood. TSB discoloration depends on several factors such as health, mood and the lizard's body temperature.

Chameleon that one is very beautiful with green body combined pink. If a note is like a fashion motif. and, it is quite possible these lizards will be an inspiration for designers and other art lovers to create a masterpiece. This chameleon look more beautiful with a circular ring is so beautiful tail.
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Iguana beautifully colored

Iguana beautifully colored
Iguana was a large, beautifully colored species is endemic in South America and Central America. Iguanas are plant-eating herbivores aka aka vegetarian. These animals can grow up to 1.5 meters long from head to tip of tail. With the colors are beautiful and attractive, making the iguanas do not look so horrible.

A Special Notice the beautiful color, gradation orange combined grayish-white to make its own beauty of this beast. And, it is quite possible for those who fear or do not like the animal is going to like this beast.
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Psammophilus dorsalis

Latin name Psammophilus dorsalis, a species of reptile has a beautiful color. Reptiles that have the color red is very rare. These lizards are found in the hills of southern India.

Turns brick red color in the upper body of a reptile that is combined with black on the bottom make this reptile really interesting. Paired color contrast is often the inspiration for designer formal dresses.
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Bunglon Madagarkar

Bunglon Madagarkar
Madagascar is home to more than 300 species of reptiles and 90% are endemic. Reptiles in Madagascar consists of lizards, snakes, turtles and tortoises, and crocodiles.

Reptiles of Madagascar is a unique animal. On the island of Madagascar there is no python, found in Africa and Asia, as well as the fangs of venomous snakes. Iguana lizards and boa Madagascar has close links with lizards and snakes in South America.

The uniqueness of the reptiles on the island is great demand by collectors around the world in the pet trade. Several species of chameleons, geckos, and tortoises threatened with extinction due to excessive collection of pets.
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