Monday, August 17, 2009

Animal Brid

various animal birds :

There are various types of birds jalak, namely : jalak bali bird, bird jalak uren, birds jalak penyu bird jalak Phyto, and others. Jalak birds, exemple bird jalak uren or jalak suren increasingly rare at this time found in the outdoors. Efforts to tackle bird extinction continue to do that is by making pens. If you need a way uren invent birds with different ages, we persilahkan to come to our place.
In the original habitat, bali jalak very prone to hunting, so the population is estimated to live a dozen. In addition, the environmental damage that is still going on in Bali Barat National Park participated in preventing the growth of this bird population. Not surprising when the latest survey conducted early in 2005 found only five tails jalak bali in nature.
Breeding season jalak placenta usually takes place in October-November, they make a nest high in trees with less than 175 cm. They love to brush and palm trees in the open, bordered by a dense forest area and is closed

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