Tuesday, November 15, 2011


These lizards have a mix of blue-colored skin and red .. looks like a costume made ​​by Marvel comics superhero is Spiderman, and was regarded as one of the fashionable pets and exotic today.

Mwanza Flat-headed rock religion / Agamas or Spiderman lizard they call it, can also be used as pets and be domesticated if he was accustomed.
However, these animals require special equipment and the place and the temperature equilibrium is maintained residence if it is to be kept outside their habitat ..

they can grow to the size of his foot adults, but we must pay attention to food, because they are somewhat memilih2 food. food that is suitable for agamas grasshoppers, crickets, and worms.

These animals can not exclude webs like Spiderman, but they can change color like most reptiles.
Agamas males will change color to brown at night or when they are frightened. they also can run fast by using the back of his hand and vertically against the wall like Spiderman.

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