Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Do not be surprised if someone Indonesia mostly frowned when he heard the name of the platypus. He thought that the name of a virus or disease. But for those who've foraging to Australia of course the name was familiar. Because animals are unique platypus is only found in the continent of Australia.

Surely, in the past platypus is also found in Argentina and South America, is proven by the discovery of their fossils in the region. Unfortunately, as time passed, the platypus extinct in some places. Now they are only found in Australia, especially Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. At these locations no matter their population diminished. The Australian Government is now being intensively conduct animal conservation programs that pride.

Latin name Ornithorhynchus anatinus, in fact this fauna species classified as the most popular in the world. Not only because it can not be found outside the continent kangaroo, but also because of the weirdness. How weird is that the platypus is classified as a mammal, but they do not deliver, but lay eggs.

His own body shape is quite unique, had no resemblance to animals everywhere. Its body resembles a thick furry polar bears. The difference, platypus black or brown. This makes their body feathers remain dry despite submerged in water. Another uniqueness, though her glance is similar to sea lions, they have a snout resembling a duck, which extends to the side.

They are divers that are reliable, able to survive under water up to 14 minutes duration. In fact they are mammals that depend on oxygen. But the platypus could reduce their need for oxygen by lowering your heartbeat dramatically. In ordinary platypus is underwater search of prey, ie small fish, fish eggs, frogs and so on. Forage usually done at night.

Platypus has a sort of sixth sense called elektroreseptor systems that are within its beak. This system helps them detect electrically generated movement of water animals. This part also contains a variety of other sensors that can detect prey presence. Unique beak is not as hard as duck beak or snout, but more flexible as rubber.

Platypus is also a powerful swimmer. The four legs are very agile when in the water. On the mainland, platypus walk like lizards or other reptiles. When there is threat of predators such as wolves or coyotes, they will immediately go into the water. Platipius tail shaped like a fish tail help them swim with great.

Perhaps you already recognize the unique animals of this one. Animals named platypus has some uniqueness has a snout like a duck, webbed feet, and lay eggs like reptiles. One oddity that probably not many people know is a male platypus can deliver venom from several parts of her legs.

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