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CHICKEN SERAMA Origins of SERAMA Chicken, Chicken SERAMA have a dwarf stature, these birds never insecure. He delighted style good no doubt crowed loudly. SERAMA claimed as world's smallest chicken race. The presumption that kate is the smallest type of chicken seems outdated and no longer valid. Now there SERAMA. Race smallest chicken in the world. Increasingly small body size, the better the quality. SERAMA weights no more than 500 grams. Body size only adult fist. Although the manikin body, he was not a cheap chicken. Quality SERAMA be carried off if you are able to ask for her hand with money amounting to Rp 25 million - USD 30 million. SERAMA quality is determined by a light weight, neck shape resembling the letter S, attracted far towards the back of the head, wings perpendicular dangling down, and the tail long sword and standing upright. Such physical characteristics make chicken SERAMA appearance resembles strapping soldier who was berbar Origin of Chicken SERAMA SERAMA is the result of creativity creature Wee Yean Een a "prince of chicken" from the neighbor country. In 1971 he crossed aka kate When chicken feet long with a Modern Game Bantam chicken race. Chicken when he chose because it has wings hanging straight down. While Modern Game Bantam has a sturdy body posture, long neck and pulled back resembles the letter S. In 1973 Wee Yean Een first offspring cross between chicken perkawina results when and Modern Game Bantam chickens with silk (Silkie Bantams). The marriage eventually led to cock small silk body postures. Wee Yean Een apparently still not satisfied with the results of these crosses. Prince of the chicken and then match the offspring to two with kate japan. This chicken has a beautiful color and shape of the tail feathers standing upright. In 1988 the matchmaker chicken chicken kate finally managed to score with a weight of less than 500 gr. Wee Yean Een then gave the name "SERAMA" to the micro-bodied chicken. The nickname he gave his creation a chicken because it has a stylish and dashing appearance puppet characters like Sri Rama in the Ramayana. Tongue Wee Yean Een calling Sri Rama turned into SERAMA. Chicken SERAMA published in 1990 by the first contest held in Perlis. In the race Wee Yean Een featured as one of the judges. In addition to the chicken contest in Malaysia SERAMA too much held in Thailand. In Indonesia SERAMA started competed in 2004 at Ancol, Jakarta. SERAMA chicken enthusiasts gathered in a container name SERAMA Indonesian Chicken Conservationists Association (P2ASI) Chicken is the inventor of Wee Yean Een SERAMA Derived from the neighbor country Malaysia In 1971 FEED & DRINK To fill the stomach, SERAMA no fuss. This chicken will eat any food like bran and of seeds such as corn, rice, or green beans. Even small animals such as insects or worms do not escape eaten when proffered. In Chooi mill feed is the best feed. Understandably ingredient composition is complete. Chooi provide Goldcoin concentrate 105 (starter) and Goldcoin 107 (grower) on all SERAMA. The concentrate can be added corn and mashed with a ratio of 2: 3. From observations Poster, hobbyists in Hat Yai, southern Thailand, even had to wear a special feed products SERAMA. Feed given 2 times a day, morning and afternoon at 08.00 at 18.00. Each chicken has its own dose. In order not to waste and become disease due to infestation of flies, Chooi apply full delivery techniques. The trick is first container stuffed full feed. Let the devouring chicken feed for half an hour. After that grab the container and measure how much feed has been eaten. Difference in feed was then used as a benchmark in the next feeding. As the leaves can be given additional food. The most excellent kind of grass that grows wild in open fields. The grass was fairly finely chopped with scissors and dried chicken given moment. "This gift will make hair shiny SERAMA added. It is important for chicken contest, "said Chooi. Hobbyists in Hat Yai instead provide lime wedges as an addition to the vitality of every 2 days. Health in order to stay awake do not forget to always clean the feed container each time to feed. Drinking water is supplied together with the feed. Drinking water must be available in sufficient quantities. Choose clean water and contains minerals. Groundwater is pretty good. Container of drinking water was always cleaned periodically. Do not let the water mixed with the feed so that it looks cloudy. It was feared carry germs. To add durability as well eliminate stress due to weather, into the drinking water was given added vitamins. Various brands of vitamins sold in poultry shop. Before use, read the instructions useful rules. COOP To the cage needs to be equipped with food and drink containers. Choose containers made ​​of plastic for easy cleaning and not broken trampled. Especially for drinking, plastic containers can be placed outside the cage with the tip in the design resembles an elephant's trunk so that the wire can be slipped in between the ram. Similarly, the feed container attached to a wire ram 5-10 cm from the bottom of the cage or the height can still reach half chicken. The goal is to avoid spilling feed chicken feet trampled. In order SERAMA increasingly comfortable, the cage needs to be equipped with a perch to rest and sleep. Materials made ​​from wood perch magnitude denganukuran adjusted toes. Suitable least perch diameter can be seen from the clutches of chicken toes. When the appropriate size of the toes appeared stretched limp as if gripping.
center perch placed in between the cage door with one hand so Klangenan still move freely. Perch heights can be set according to the size of a chicken, but usually placed 50 cm from the bottom of the cage. No less important, place the lights in the cage. Lights to be vital during the rainy season arrives. When the temperature drops so that the chickens need warmth. Lighting is also important when the owner will control at night. HYGIENE COOP To prevent the entry of germs preventive actions carried out by cleaning the cage regularly. Where food and drink regularly cleaned. If necessary periodically fumigated enclosure that germs are lurking on the sidelines of the bars of the cage dead. You do this by providing a 40% formalin mixed with 4 g of potassium permanganate. Both The ingredients are mixed into one, dip the cloth, then insert it into the cage. The resulting steam will kill the germs. To be effective should the cage closed plastic or cloth. Cages were placed in a shady location tends to damp. Such conditions invite germs. Therefore, it should periodically be dried in the sun. If need be cleaned first with soap containing disinfectants before drying. DISEASE The threat of disease in chickens SERAMA should always be wary of. Because it is necessary to understand the symptoms of the disease that often attacks the chicken SERAMA. SERAMA chicken diseases that often occur due to lack of clean cage is sore eyes. Eyes sick chickens usually swollen eyes. To treat chicken separate from the community. Give to the human eye drops are sold in the market. • Worm Disease Cages are not kept clean make SERAMA susceptible to worms. Symptoms of intestinal worms can be seen from the decreased appetite. When the affected chickens fed worms are usually silent or only occasional peck feed. Immediately give worming on the chicken. Some people give herbal medicine floured betel nut mixed with other herbal ingredients. The drug is given only once. When within a few days the condition has not improved chickens given the drug again. Helminthic besides herb also sold poultry shop. Read the rules of life. The worms will cause the body to SERAMA SERAMA thin, watery eyes and can cause disease attacking chickens SERAMA easy. So it is essential to maintain the cleanliness of the cage, replacing the water every day and drying chicken SERAMA each morning. The best way to prevent chicken SERAMA worms is to preserve the cleanliness of the living environment SERAMA. In addition, the enclosure must be high off the ground. Some worms are commonly used drugs are piperazine (roundworms and worms appendix), tetramizole (hookworm), pyrantel tartrate (roundworms). Oral drug delivery is done through drink. Worming should be given once a month passed 3 months, for prevention. SUN SHOWER SERAMA chicken occasionally need to be bathed so shiny fur. Bathing enough to spray water sprayer wear. The use of soap possible if found ticks like to hide behind the fur. Bathing activity can be done 3-4 days. However, in the rainy season is done 2 weeks. SERAMA should also be dried in the sun every day for 1-2 hours. In Malaysia drying wear special cages made ​​of wire cages similar ram bamboo commonly used in ground water. Each cage is filled by a chicken.       dried chicken Another way to spit in the yard. However, keep in mind around the yard free of predators. Drying must take into account sun exposure. At best 08.00 or after the chickens were fed first. The purpose of drying is to make the body of the chicken is not too damp, in addition to providing temporary freedom to move.

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