Wednesday, August 27, 2014

suren malaysia

Suren starlings are known Indonesian people mostly from the local area, and is often known as starlings local suren like Java though the origin of birds from other areas. In addition to local suren starlings in the market also circulated other suren starlings are almost similar to the starling starlings local suren suren Malaysia.
Differences Starling Road suren suren malaysia with local / java To differentiate Local and starling starling Suren Suren Malaysia there are only 2 parts of the course, namely: Fur color on top of the coconut Color half of the base of the beak The characteristics of starling Suren Local / starling Suren Java: Coat color on top of the head 100% solid black and shiny Color white ivory beak 100% of the base to the tip of the beak (this is not to be lied) when young, sometimes there spots / black or light brown complexion. The characteristics of starling Suren Malaysia: Coat color on top of the head is white (white line pattern meeting) The base of the beak color patterned orange / red Secondary characteristics of both are: Suren wild starlings majority Malaysia when compared to Java because starling starling Suren Suren catches young Malaysian forest Suren starlings Malaysia dominant original rendition of the ngerol Starling and Starling Suren Suren Java still other sound variations. Suren Java starlings can tend to dimaster. Starlings suren malaysia The resemblance between the two is often used as a material fraud by unscrupulous bird traders. due to market price Suren Malaysia starling bird very much different from the local market suren starlings course this makes the bird traders trying to make a profit by shining color on the white part of the head starlings suren malaysia to black as well as local suren starlings. but if we are more observant would be able to see the differences and characteristics of special features such as those mentioned above, namely starlings suren malaysia at the base of the beak is orange / red, one thing that can not be covered up by bird traders. Additionally starlings suren malaysia is more dominant and character giras, will not be able to tame except benign flies. this is because the starlings suren malaysia market is mostly in forest catches / young forest starlings than most local suren is the result of captivity.

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