Wednesday, August 27, 2014

distinguish chicken SERAMA and kate

distinguish chicken SERAMA and kate. Especially if met with kate chicken that is also a mini size. Here the difference of the two.
About Chicken SERAMA: Believed to come from kelantan Malaisia a hybrid of different types of chickens The name is derived from the word SERAMA Sri Rama and this animal was originally only maintained among the palace alone. Can be aged up to 15 years Ideal weight is under 400 grams or 0.4 pounds. Characteristics SERAMA good is a beautiful tail, wings upright busty syap straight down. Tame pet, spoiled and on their caregivers. Have signs of interest, such as walking backwards backwards. Although the dwarf stature, these birds never insecure. He delighted style-petentang petenteng and no doubt crowed loudly. SERAMA claimed as world's smallest chicken race. The presumption that kate is the smallest type of chicken seems outdated and no longer valid. Now there SERAMA. Race smallest chicken in the world. Increasingly small body size, the better the quality. SERAMA weights no more than 500 grams. Although the manikin body, he was not a cheap chicken. Quality SERAMA be carried off if you are able to ask for her hand with money amounting to Rp 25 million - USD 30 million. SERAMA quality is determined by a light weight, neck shape resembling the letter S, attracted far towards the back of the head, wings perpendicular dangling down, and the tail long sword and standing upright. Such physical characteristics make chicken SERAMA appearance resembles strapping soldiers marching.
Differences with kate, is if the head look SERAMA run (close to) the tail, not the other way around. Ideally fore chest swelled. if any body does not look proportionate. (not impressed midget). Out such a comparison would be difficult to explain, well see the image below. Derived (from different endemic regions) each region has a different type of dwarf chickens. Can be aged up to 15 years Beratdiatas 500 grams or 0.5 pounds. Ciripunggung shelf, not so Tegam and impressed midget. Tame pet, spoiled and on their caregivers.

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