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Bees are insects that have wings, legs and antennae on the body. Honeybees have a unique body construction in collecting and carrying pollen, namely by using nearly all parts of the body surface, mainly the thorax. Thousands to millions of grains of pollen will stick to the surface of the body, then cleaned with a special brush and into a special basket called pollen baskets located on its hind legs of bees. Pollen basket can accommodate 20 mg of pollen. Pollen produced by palm trees, Lamtoro, flower, fire, fire, rice, palm oil, lote, tobacco, cashew nut, pomegranate, lobbies, avocado, guava bol, salak, corn, beans, potatoes, coriander, carrots, purslane, black grass, and the daughter of shame, while plants producing nectar and pollen, among others: kapok kapok, eucalyptus, sugarcane, vanilla, coconut, sesame, coffee, kedondong, durian, papaya, waluh, watermelon, persimmon, banana, star fruit, apple , sweet orange, grapefruit, apple, longan, lychees, grapes, cabbage, cucumber, peanuts, soybeans, sunflower and flamboyant flowers.

Way of life
The female insects have an important role in this insect group. Behavior of bees is determined by the behavior of the female bee. Some female bees of a particular species living alone (solitary) and others known to have a social behavior. Solitary bees build their own nest and find food for the family without the help of other bees and usually die or leave the nest at the time the child has not become an adult bee. Sometimes several species of solitary bees feed and care for their children without giving up food for her children. While at a higher stage, bees live in groups and sharing of tasks in accordance with the physical form of each.

In a group (called "colonies") there are three "castes", ex:
  1. queen bee.
  2. female bees or worker.
  3. Male bee .

Queen Bees, Large body of the queen bee bigger than worker bees and weighs approximately 2.8x from workers. In a colony there is only 1 queen, when they will be present in the colony as a queen of two offspring then they will kill each other to fight the power. Queen bees are very powerful, very obeyed his orders in harmony all the inhabitants of the colony by colony. wherever the queen went so a colony of bees will follow. Besides, the queen is responsible as a successor bee colony's survival of eggs each day throughout their lifetime, ranging from 1500-2000 eggs per day. Age is also a queen bee longer than worker bees or a stud. Workers was about 40 daily, but the queen bee can live up to 3-5 years, about 30 times longer than worker bees. The secret lies in the food patterns, ie, consuming Royal Jelly all her life, compared with workers who only consume royal jelly at 3 days into larvae.

Worker bees are female bees, and they have a responsibility to work continued throughout his life. Female bees have a body size smaller than most queens and males. Having a slender body shape brownish-black, his tail has a stinger which is straight and thorny. This sting is a powerful weapon to protect both themselves and their nests and attack anyone who is considered dangerous to themselves and the colony. But too sad, so they will be stung to death. Worker bees responsible for different jobs vary depending on the age of each. A twist of nature that is very hard to believe, where a few moments after leaving the cocoon of a worker bee larvae immediately have a responsibility to clean the hive of filth, and when they were 3-10 days old so young worker bees produce Royal Jelly is a very necessary bee larvae and queen bees. This young worker bees responsible for feeding the larvae and queen bees, queen bees which consume Royal Jelly for life. Once was about 3 weeks, the worker bees and has promoted a new job outside the hive to find nectar flowers that will be processed into honey and flower pollen that is processed into bee pollen. Do you know how these workers on duty? These worker bees fly to find pollen and honey to descend a thousand flowers that are broke, he was sucking a drop of nectar and store it into a bag of honey in body. So they get about 375 grams of honey, the bees will be walking around as much as 75,000 times to take the nectar. How hard the worker bees are doing work, pacing back and forth to cover the distance from the nest colony until the distance 3 km from the nest.

Male bee, Drones physically smaller than the queen bees but bigger than worker bees. In addition other features of the most prominent is the large eyes, where the eye is composed of more facets of the facets in the eye worker bees and queen bees. In the body of male bees have no suction pipe honey and pollen does not have on foot bag. Due to the off-duty male bees to collect pollen or honey. The males only cleaning the nest, guarding the nest or tuga task light in a cage. In accordance with its name as a male, then its main function is to marry the Queen Bee and then die after mating.

The ability of worker bees collect nectar plants varied from 25-70 mg per fish (Gojmerac, 1983) and is determined by several factors, among others, the capacity of honey bag (honey-sac) worker bees, the number and concentration of nectar sugar, weather conditions and experience of a worker bee nectar collection. Nectar is a sweet secretion results from the plant, is the main ingredient constituent of honey. Nectar is a complex compound produced gland nectar plants in the form of sugar solution. Nectar found in the Petal, sepal, stamen and stigma. Nectar concentration varied between a flower plants with other plants flowers.Pollen or pollen is a source of protein for honey bees. Pollen derived from interest earned by the male sex cells (anther) plants. In cold climates, a colony of bees need about 50 kg of pollen per year. Drones serving the queen bee marries and will die after mating. Bee drones are the result of marriage (so diploid) fed on nectar and honey are used (not the "royal jelly"). There is also a bee who live alone, not in groups. Such types of bees called solitary bees.

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