Sunday, October 4, 2009


Cuttlefish or "fish" bonus is an animal that lived in the waters, especially rivers and the sea or lake. These animals can be found in almost all large water both freshwater, brackish, or salt water at varying depths, from near surface to several thousand feet below the surface. Cuttlefish is also a kind of seafood meals.
Cuttlefish are often misinterpreted as a squid. The two are different because the flat-bodied squids, while the squid is more cylindrical. In addition, the shell of cuttlefish are composed of hard limestone, while the squid is tender.

Habitat Characteristics and Freshwater Ecosystems in Water and Sea - Biological Sciences :
Fresh Water Habitat characteristics
  1. Variations of temperature or low temperature
  2. Levels of salt or low salinity
  3. Penetration of sunlight is less
  4. adaptation of natural weather and climate around
  5. The flow of water occurs each time constant in the river
  6. Physical and biological habitat are intermediaries sea and land.
  7. Microscopic plants like algae and phytoplankton as primary producers.
Sea Water Habitat characteristics
  1. Variations of temperature or high temperature
  2. salinity / high salinity
  3. Penetration of high sunlight
  4. Habitat in the ocean linked / related to each other
  5. Flow or ocean currents keep moving because of differences in climate, temperature and rotation of the earth
  6. Saltwater community consists of producers, consumers, and decomposers zooplankton.

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