Thursday, October 1, 2009


Elephant Habitat

Elephants are the largest animals that live on land. Elephants including mammals, as well as humans, cats or cows. Characteristic of mammals is a way of developing breeding with childbirth. In contrast to birds, reptiles and fish, which breed by laying eggs and then hatched. Certain fish species such as sharks, but also laying the eggs remain in the stomach developing in the mother and the mother's stomach. Because that's when the baby is born sharks are in the form of whole fish.
Type of elephants on this earth only African elephants and Asian elephants. African elephants live in grasslands, forests, river flow areas and also in certain jungle. Meanwhile, Asian elephants live in dense forests, tropical forests and areas that grew thick, for example in India and the island of Sumatra. African elephants bigger than Asian elephants. The length of the African elephant ivory reaches including 8 meters by 4 meters high, weighs about 6,000 kg. The most striking difference is the ears. African elephant ears larger than Asian elephants. Types of African elephants have a circular forehead and back of the flat, the Asian elephant is more prominent forehead and his back sharply.

Elephant breeding and growth.
Like all mammals, elephants have the baby by means of sexual reproduction. The fetus grows and develops in its mother's stomach. The fetus receives food and oxygen through its parent organ called the placenta. Mother elephant pregnant with his child for approximately 22 months. At birth, the baby elephant was hairy and had a few incisors, but it is still difficult to stand. Baby elephant when he was born weighing up to 120 kg with a height of 90 cm. At the end of the first year, a baby elephant hair and skin changes become hard and has learned to distinguish edible plants and how to take the grass. 2-year-old before he had a tusk used to strip the bark and roots dug from the ground.

Ear, Elephant's trunk and voice.
Elephant ear length reaches 1.5 meters, width 50 cm. Large ears are used for fanning herself if overheated and to frighten enemies. Long trunk is used to take food, sucking up water and then put into the mouth. It also serves to lift something. The sound produced from the elephant trunk. These voices sound waves emitted in the so-called "infrasonic", used to call a group or a female elephant to a few kilometers away. The noise that the elephants are to be reunited with members of separate groups.

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