Sunday, October 4, 2009


Frog is a kind of field that a lot of frogs living in rice paddies, marshes, ditches and gutters, to the mangrove swamps. Fejervarya cancrivora scientific name, and in English is known as the Marsh frog, rice-field frog or crab-eating frog; last name was given because it preys on frog's favorite crab rice (Lat. cancer crabs, vorare eat, devour). People call it a frog Java ijo, because many of them are colored green. Other local names include Chinese toad (Btw.) and bangkong dingdang (Sd.). frog habitat can be at two of nature on land and water breathing with gills, food kecil2 frogs are animals such as mosquitoes, caterpillars, mosquito larvae.

metamorphosis in the frog:
  1. adult frog spawn, and after 10 days to hatch and called tadpoles.
  2. two days, will grow out of feathered gills used for breathing.
  3. Age 3 weeks, tadpoles will be closed by the skin.
  4. Age 8 weeks, the frog will have a rear leg.
  5. Age of 12 weeks, the front legs will be formed and enlarged hind legs, tail became smaller, then the other parts of the body will grow to perfection, the tail would fall off. Adult frogs breathe with lungs.

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