Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Green python has a clearer head

Green python has a clearer head shape which can be distinguished from the closed neck of small scales, nostris in a single nasal or nasal divided. Each nasal is separated by small scales, on the anterior labial, rostral, and several labial below the hole. Green Python snake pupils have a vertical form, without premaxillary teeth, large anterior and posterior teeth small, slightly flattened body covered by fine scales, the tail is, prehensile, subcaudal two rows of scales. This snake has a length between 1.5 meters to 1.8 meters.

Green python (Morelia viridis) living in the tropics, tropical rain forests, mountains and forests, both primary forest and secondary moist forests. The spread of these types of snakes are in Australia and New Guinea in the Aru Islands. This snake has only one species of Morelia viridis.

According to Van Hoeve (1988) in Kustiarto (1990), Green Sanca generally live in primary forests and secondary forests, occupies lowland habitats and water, even dubbed the animal half of the water because her life is more like water. Green Foods Python snake (Morelia viridis) is generally a type mice and small rodentia by twisting of the treetops and then swallow it.

In the low-pressure environment, then it will have fertility levels Sanca Green snake (Morelia viridis) is high. It will be obvious to the arrest of Green Python snakes in the wild by the community

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