Monday, June 20, 2011

Hippopotamus amphibius is short-legged mammal

Hippopotamus amphibius is short-legged mammal, his body like a barrel, and a big mouth. He is the second largest land animal. There are two species of hippos, a large and a dwarf. Both live in Africa. Its great weight of 3629 kg and can reach 4.6 meters in length. That dwarfs the 3629 kg and a length of 4.6 meters. The dwarf weighs approximately 181 kg.
Huge hippos living near the water. Eyes, ears and nose are located at the top of his head. He could see, hear, and breathe with the bottom of the head in the water. Hippopotamus use most of his time in the water. Once the dive, the hippo can soak under water for up to five minutes.
Her skin is thick, almost hairless. Hippos eat on the banks of the river at night. The food is mainly grass. Hippo can spend approximately 45 pounds of food a day. Hippos are hunted for their meat, hides, and ivory tusks.

Hippopotamus has a great body and heavy, and dark gray leather. They also have large tusks that they use to defend themselves from nil predator. Hippopotamus live in Africa. They lived in and near fresh water such as lakes and rivers.

Hippo is a herbivore. They live in groups, and sometimes 30 hippos will stay in the same place. They slept in the mud and water, but at night they go out to eat grass.

but there is a horrific case. compared with crocodiles, hippos cause more deaths in humans. probably because hippos are very sensitive to the predator .

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