Tuesday, June 21, 2011

two-headed snake

two-headed snake
Unlike normal usually if a snake is a common occurrence for people, but the appearance of the head of two of these can make people stress, but the actual figure is quite captivating. Truly two-headed snake is an animal conjoined twins, attached to one another through the organs or their body parts. This means they are stuck with the sharing of organs, one head is a parasite to others.

The birth of conjoined twins like this occurs when the cleavage of the embryo in the process of forming into identical twins, whether for some reason before birth cleavage is not complete. The point where the embryos stop dividing varied so that these snakes can connect anywhere on the body. Studies on snakes suggest that almost the entire two-headed snake have difficulty in their environment.

Although this two-headed snake must share part of the body, the second head is not so mutual "understanding" each other, so take everything individually. So often they find themselves in situations where they must fight to find the food. Because they share a single head of the body which also shares the same organ, as the head of one meal, then head of the others will also feel full. Maybe this is not understood that the head does not eat when you feel full as well as he did not do anything.

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