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Golden Toad

Latin Name Bufo periglenes
Conservation Status Extinct (1989)
Location Costa Rica
Colour Golden/Orange
Length 4 - 5.5 cms (1.6 - 2.2 inches)
Mostly Terrestrial
Breeding Season
Rainy Season

Main Characteristics

Golden Toads were small toads, reaching lengths of 5.5 cms (2.2 inches). Males were colored a very vivid golden/orange and their skin was shiny and bright. Females however, had very different colouration, they were dark olive/black and they had scarlet spots with yellow edges.

The striking differences between males and females wasn't determined until they became adults, because when they were juveniles both sexes were of similar size and colour.


Golden Toads were found in the Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve, Northern Costa Rica. They inhabited an area of 10 Sq. Kms (6.2 Sq. Miles) and it is believed that they lived under ground for most of the year.


Their diet mainly consisted of small insects.


Golden Toads used to breed during one week in April. Males would gather around small pools and wait for females. They would fight amongst themselves for the opportunity to breed.

Approximately 200 eggs would be laid in a clutch in the water and they would hatch 2 months later.

Interesting Facts

Golden Toads are also known as:
Monteverde Golden Toad
Monte Verde Toad
Alajuela Toad
Orange Toad
Sapo Dorado

The last sighting of a Golden Toad was in 1989.

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