Sunday, August 5, 2012


Mammoth is a genus of extinct ancient elephant. Body sizes larger than normal elephants in the world today. tusks
circular shape and curve inward, in northern species, with long hair.
There is a misconception that mammoths bigger than an elephant. The largest known species of mammoth, Imperial Mammoth of California, have high backs at least 5 meters. Mammoth generally weighs 6-8 tons, but the mammoth big male can weigh up to 12 tons. 3.3 meter long mammoth tusk was found in the north of Lincoln, Illinois in 2005. Most species have mammoth size of a modern Asian Elephant.
Quagga-like zebras and never found in large numbers in South Africa. Quagga can be distinguished from other zebras by having the sign on the front of the body. Quagga is a mixture of horse and zebra. Quagga's name comes from the Khoikhoi word for zebra. Quagga become extinct due to hunting by humans who try to get the meat and skin.
Declared extinct in 1883.

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