Sunday, August 5, 2012


Name: Velociraptor
Length: 2 m, (height of the body when standing 1 m)
Mass: 50 kg
Period: Late Cretaeceous
Eating: The animals are smaller than his size

Velociraptor means of high-speed thief (speedy thief). Has 30 sharp teeth and long, flat beak, and neck shape like the letter "s". Moving with both legs (feet) it is strong, and small size, these animals have characteristics similar to the cheetah. However, raptors often hunt in groups of 3-10 tail raptor. Another characteristic of the raptor (in addition to the two strong legs) is the capacity of his brain that is thought to have capabilities similar to chimpanzees (able to communicate with fellow raptor through specific sounds). Flight speeds reaching 40 miles per hour. Velociraptor fossils found in Russia, Mongolia, and China.

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