Sunday, August 5, 2012



Name: Triceratops
Length: 9 m, height 3 m
Mass: 12 tons
Period: Late Cretaeceous (68 million years ago)
Eating: Nature

Triceratops means three-horned face in Greek. This animal has horns over 1 m by 2 pieces on top of his eye, and another shorter at the top of his nose. Thing that most distinguishes this animal from other animals are capable of growing skull bones along the 2m, nearly a third of its body length. The animal was found in the Americas. This animal is not expected in groups and individually. Horn serves as a position against another triceratops like deer at this time (courtship). These animals are the object of considerable research favored by scientists because of the many fossils found.

In addition to these hewn fossils are found, the animal is renowned for the eksotisannya, a unique physical shape and impressed "friendly" to the community made ​​it an icon of prehistoric animals which the kids loved.

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