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Flores eagle

Flores eagle (Spizaetus florists) is one type of raptors (birds of prey) that belongs endemic to Indonesia. Unfortunately that is the eagle Flores Flores endemic birds of prey (Nusa Tenggara) is now the most endangered raptor because its population is not expected to exceed 250 tail so it makes the Red List (IUCN Redlist) as Critically Endangered (Critical). Conservation status and number of population is far below the Javanese eagle (Spizaetus bartelsi) the conservation status of Endangered (Threatened).

Flores eagle (Spizaetus florist) was originally classified as a subspecies (subspecies) of the hawk eagle (Spizaetus cirrhatus) with the scientific name (Spizaetus cirrhatus florists). But starting in 2005, eagle flores designated as separate species. And then also, which is an eagle raptor endemic Flores Nusa Tenggara awarded conservation status Critically Endangered. Another rare bird list please see: List of Rare and Endangered Birds.

Eagle flores in English known as Flores Hawk-eagle. In scientific language (Latin) is known as Spizaetus florists.

Characteristics. Flores has a hawk's body size, with adult body size of about 55 cm. at the head of white hair and sometimes have brown stripes on the crown.

Flores eagle body blackish brown. While the chest and abdomen raptor endemic to Flores is covered with feathers are white with a thin reddish brown hue. Flores brown tail hawk that has a dark line number six. While this endemic bird legs are white.

Distribution, Population, and Conservation. Flores is an eagle raptors (birds of prey) endemic Nusa Tenggara which can only be found on the island of Flores, Sumbawa, Lombok, Satonda, Paloe, Komodo and Rinca.

These birds usually inhabit lowland forests and forest submontana to a height of 1600 meters above sea level (m asl).

Flores endemic raptor populations in the wild is estimated no more than 250 head of mature individuals (IUCN Redlist, 2005). Because of the small number of individuals and populations that narrow the spread eagle flores (Spizaetus florists) immediately established as one of the conservation status of species of birds with "critical" (Critically Endangered) from the first raptor endemic to this status as a separate species of hawk eagle.

Scientific classification: Kingdom: Animalia; Phylum: Chordata; Class: Aves; Order: Falconiformes; Family: Accipitridae; Genus: Spizaetus; Species: Spizaetus florists

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