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Leopard Java or in Latin is called Panthera pardus weld into the last remaining big cats on the island of Java after the extinction of the Javan Tiger. Leopard Java (Java Leopard) is one of nine subspecies of Leopard (Panthera pardus) in the world which is a species endemic to the island of Java. Is a rare protected animals into animal identity of West Java province.

Java Leopard (Panthera pardus weld) are included in the conservation status of "Critically Endangered" has two variations of the light-colored Leopard and Leopard is black is commonly called the Tiger Beetle. Although the color is different, the two big cats are the same subspecies.

The characteristics of Java Leopard. Compared to other subspecies of leopard, Java Leopard (Panthera pardus weld) have relatively small size. Body length ranges from 90-150 cm with a height of 60-95 cm. Body weight range 40-60 kg.

Leopard is a subspecies endemic wildlife of the island of Java has a distinctive leopard-spotted color on his body. In general, the tawny-colored fur with black spots. Black spots on head size is smaller. Java Leopard similar females, and smaller than males.

Java Leopard (Panthera pardus weld) as other leopards are nocturnal animals are more active at night. These big cats, including one of the animals who are good at climbing and swimming.

Leopard Java are carnivorous animals that prey on prey such as deer, long-tailed monkeys, wild boar, deer and gibbons Java, Java hedgehog, Javan langur and black. These big cats are also able to drag and carry the prey into the tree which sometimes exceeds the weight of prey body size. This behavior is in addition to avoid loss of prey hunting results, but also for storage of food supplies.

Although life in the wild has not been known but in captivity, Leopards can live up to 21-23. Leopards living in the territory (space) ranged 5-15 km2. Are solitary, but at certain times such as pairs and childcare, leopards can live in groups. Male leopard will roam looking for a partner in their respective territory, in which each region is marked by the scratches on a log, urine or droppings.

Umumya female leopard has approximately 2-6 children born with the tail of each period approximately 110 days gestation. Being an adult at age 3-4 years. Children leopard shall remain with its mother until the age of 18-24 months. In parenting, sometimes a male leopard helpful in terms of child care.

Tiger Beetle is the Leopard. Though having different body colors, black, but the Tiger Beetle was the same subspecies with Leopard. Variations in color of the body is not making the leopard, who was black was the other subspecies, but in fact the same subspecies. Evidently they can mate and produce offspring that are colored and black leopards.

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