Saturday, July 16, 2011

Java Eagles

Java Eagles (Spizaetus bartelsi) is one medium-sized hawk species that are endemic (native species) in Java. These animals are considered synonymous with the emblem of the Republic of Indonesia, the Garuda. And since 1992, the bird was designated as the mascot for rare animals of Indonesia. The first time I witnessed the Javanese eagle bird sightings directly in the middle of 2005 around the Water Three Taste of Mount Muria in Central Java. Unfortunately, until now I have not had the opportunity to watch him for a second time.

Physically, Java has a crested eagle stands out as much as 2-4 strands with a length of 12 cm, because it's also called Eagle Eagle Kuncung Java. Adult body size (from tip of beak to tip of tail) approximately 60-70 inches, dark brown fur on the back and wings. Bercoretan dark brown stripes on the chest and abdomen dark brown thick. His tail is black and brown striped.

When flying, almost similar to Java Hawk Eagle Brontok (Spizaetus cirrhatus) form the light, but tend to appear more brownish, with stomach look darker, and slightly smaller size. A loud sound high, repetitive, or ii klii-iiw-iiiw, varied between one and three syllables. Or high pitched sounds and quickly kQ-kQ-kQ-kQ-kQ. To some extent, his voice is similar to the sound Eagles Brontok although the difference is quite clear in his tone.

Another picture, his eyes and his eyesight is very sharp, sturdy beak, flapping its wings strong, high cruise power, and when the silent figure dashing and authoritative. Impression of "male" that is what probably inspired the 12 countries displaying the figure of a bird in its flag. Together with 19 other countries, Indonesia and even use the figure as a symbol of the mythical Garuda bird

Javanese eagle bird populations in the wild is estimated to live 600 tail. The World Conservation Union United Nations mengategorikannya endangered. Convention on International Trade in Endangered Flora and Fauna Species include them in Appendix 1 which means extra tight regulate trade. Based on the latest keterancaman criteria of IUCN, Eagle Java included in the Endangered category or the "Precarious" (Collar et al., 1994, Shannaz et al., 1995). Through Presidential Decree No. 4 of 1993 on Wildlife and National Interest, The Government of Indonesia confirmed Javanese eagle as endangered species representative of aerospace.

Eagle bird habitat is limited on the island of Java Java, especially in areas with primary forests and wooded hills in the area at the turn of the lowlands to the mountains.

Even today, this bird habitat shrinking due to lack of forest ecosystems caused by human destruction, global warming impacts, and impacts of pesticides. In West Java, Java Eagle Pancar exist only on the Mount, Mount Salak, Mount Gede Pangrango, Papandayan, Patuha and Mountain Mist.

In Central Java are Javanese Eagle at Mount Slamet, Mount Ungaran, Mount Moriah, Mount Lawu, and Mount Merapi, while in East Java are in Merubetiri, Baluran, Purwo Alas, the National Park Bromo-Tengger-Semeru, and Wilis

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