Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Anai - termite

Anai - termite / retreat - retreat
Anai - termite insect is certainly not familiar to us. Animals are believed to be a blood pressure-lowering drugs should not be underestimated. Possible for us termite - a small insect termite only unique because of its unique way of movement, which is backwards.

But for insects - insects such as ants smaller, termite - termite is a ferocious predator that should be avoided. Anai - termite itself is a larval stage before metamorphosis perfect.

Usually termite - termite found in many places - sandy places due to their anatomy and how to move termite - termite is perfect for making a sand trap in place.

Anai - termite will wait grounded funnel-shaped trap, and when there is an insect that unlucky because of a fall in the trap, the insects will be difficult to escape.

Because the trap is located in sandy areas, then the prey will be difficult to ride because he would slip back and become termite food - termite. If you are curious, please see the termite nest pictures - termite on top of this, if there are ants that happen to get into his trap, then you will see how it kills its prey insects perfectly.

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