Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Myrmeleon formicarius

Undur-undur/antlion (Myrmeleon formicarius) believed efficacious lower blood sugar levels of diabetics. These insects contain substances that can launch a sulfonylurea in the pancreas to produce insulin. Insulin function is as a counterweight in the blood glucose levels.

Retreat-retreat is a group of animals holometabola the perfect insects that undergo metamorphosis (egg, larva, pupa, and imago). Based on the characteristics of wings and mouth, this animal is of the order Neuroptera (net-winged insects).

Dragonflies female will usually lay their eggs on the ground with the texture of fine sand or dust. The eggs will hatch and develop into larvae. Characterized by nests of mining land.

Dragonfly eggs will hatch into larvae which we are familiar with the name of the retreat-retreat or doodlebug. Retreat-retreat spent almost his entire life as larvae. At this stage, retreat-retreat dig a hole in the soft sand and wait for other insects, like ants, to pass & fall into it. With a large jaw, retreat-retreat will destroy the body prey to her body fluids out and smoked. Larval stage lasts between 1 to 3 years.

Pupa is a cocoon at the time of retreat-retreat was no longer perform the activity, in that same place & improvement of organ formation. The existence of a ball-shaped lump of soil is characteristic of retreat-retreat in the pupa stage. This process usually takes about 3 weeks to 1 month.

Imago is a phase or phases of breeding adults. Imago usually most active at night and can often be seen hanging upside down on tree branches. Imago as an adult food is nectar. The main focus of the imago retreat-retreat is a reproduction. Imago usually live between 1 month and 45 days. Many people who do not know if the form of phase-retreat retreat is adult dragonflies. Despite this form of body-retreat retreat with dragonflies dragonflies are not the same plain. In addition to retreat-retreat that spawn in the sand, and dragonflies are laying eggs in the water, there are also other types of dragonflies lay their eggs on the leaves / twigs of trees.

Techniques hunting retreat-retreat
- Blown with a straw
By way blown, the lighter mass of sand carried by the wind will come out. While the retreat-retreat with a heavier mass will be missed, so easily captured.
- Scooped and sieved with a mesh / tea strainer.
Once scooped, retreat-retreat is thought to exist in the spoon with sand, poured into the net and sifted, retreat-retreat will be visible and easily captured.

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