Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thresher Shark

The Thresher Shark is greyish to black with a white belly. The tail and the body of the Thresher Shark are equal in length. The Thresher Shark can be up to 11 ft. long.

The Thresher Shark is not dangerous to humans, but it can give serious injuries to fishermen, if the long powerful tail of the shark hit them. The Thresher Shark normally uses their tail to gather prey and stun them with tail blows and afterwards they eat their stunned prey. The Thresher Shark feet on fish and squids.

The Thresher Shark is a very endangered species, because a very intense fishery are driven on them. The fisheries for Thresher Sharks are usually with long-lines, but in some areas dynamite are used. The dynamite stuns the sharks so they come to the surface and can be taken aboard.

Thresher Sharks can keep a body temperature that are higher than the surrounding water, this gives the shark a faster digestion. The higher body temperature and the body of the Thresher Shark makes it a very fast swimmer. The Thresher Shark can jump several yards out of the water into the air.

The reproduction of Thresher Sharks is a bit strange. The first young ones in the uteruses of the mother eat the smaller and unfertilized eggs, while they are growing. Only two young ones are born, one for each uterus. The small sharks are about 3 ft. long when they are born, and when they are 12 to 14 years old they have a length of 9 ft.

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