Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Coturnix coturnix

Quail / Quail (Coturnix coturnix) is a type of bird that can not fly (just like chicken). Quail very short life cycle. During his lifetime quail through three important phases, ie the initial phase, the phase of growth and egg-laying phase.

Initial phase
The initial phase is the phase in which the eggs had just hatched up to 11 days-old quail. This phase is a critical time for children quail, because it must survive from the influence of weather and predators. After this phase, the child will begin to leave the nest quail.

Growth phase
Growth phase is the phase where the quail are in the age range of 12-42 days.

laying phase
After the age of 42 days, have started earning adult quail eggs.

period of Marriage
Adult quail usually stay in the herd with a number between 1-20 birds. Staying in a herd can make quail feel more secure because the herd can be mutually observe dangers that lurk from predators.

Quail will leave the herd only during mating. During the breeding season, quail males will perch on trees or the highlands to start the mating calls. Quail quail males often compete with other males and will mate with only one female.

laying period
Quail usually nest among the dense tall grass, where they can hide from predators.

Even though quail nest builders are reliable and protective of their children, only about ten eggs will actually hatch. Unlike many animal species, caregiving tasks are divided between male and female quail during the nesting season.

The period of incubation
If not destroyed by predators or bad weather, children will quail hatch after 17-20 days incubation period. During the first 2 weeks of life, young quail will have a strict diet of insects and grass mixtures. After this period, they will slowly move to a diet of grains, like corn and beans wild.

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