Friday, October 21, 2011


Snakes are reptiles that no-legged and long bodied. Snakes have scales like a lizard and are equally classified into scaly reptiles (Squamata). The difference is generally legged lizards, have ears, and eyelids that can open the lid. However, for cases of no-legged lizards (eg Ophisaurus spp.) This distinction becomes blurred and can not hold onto.

The snake is one reptile that developed the world's most successful. In the mountains, forests, deserts, plains, farms, residential neighborhood, right down to the sea, can be found snake. Only, as is generally cold-blooded animals, snakes increasingly rare in cold places, such as on mountaintops, in the area Irlanda and New Zealand and the snow fields or polar regions.

Many kinds of snakes all his life wandering in the woods and almost never touch the ground. Many other kinds of reptiles live above the ground surface or infiltrate infiltrate beneath litter or a pile of rocks. While some of the other living aquatic or semi-aquatic in rivers, swamps, lakes and seas.

Snakes prey on various species of animals smaller than himself. Aquatic snakes prey on fish, frogs, tadpoles, and even fish eggs. Tree snake and terrestrial snakes prey on birds, mammals, frogs, reptile species, including the eggs. Big snakes like the python development may prey on goats, deer, deer and even humans.
Misguided Anaconda often happens when people called anaconda, anaconda snake species is not a name but it is another name for the genus Eunectes. Anaconda although he does not have a big can, they kill their victims by twisting and pressing his victim until eventually there were complications between shortness of breath and high blood pressure that led to the rupture of blood vessels (rupture., jd inget bloodseeker). This snake umumny solitary life with a broad area of ​​territory, in the movie Anaconda: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid Indonesia who take the setting d sebenarny Anaconda was not, but the snake killer to 6 we

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