Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Pangolin / armadillo / Manis javanica is toothless anteaters.

Scales containing the active substance Tramadol HCl, which is binding on psychotropic particle type shabu-shabu & can lead to addiction. Tramadol HCl is also one of analgesic drugs used to treat severe pain both acute / chronic & postoperative pain. No wonder that pangolin scales sold on the black market at a price of millions or tens of millions per kilogram.

Based on scientific research, anteaters body contains substances that can keep the immune system (antibodies) are very high. Because of this, in countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia & country with many ethnic Chinese (who was known to enjoy extreme food on the pretext of health), pangolin meat is quite attractive. The price offered is also reaching hundreds of thousands per kilogram of meat. It would be very likely this price will continue to soar as scarcity of pangolin population.

And pangolins will soon become extinct due to hunting wild immoral for scales & meat. What I'm sorry, meat & skin confiscated pangolins (usually in the hundreds kilograms) would be destroyed by burning. What a pity that trenggiling2 fate, hunted, be skinned, burned with no results. The poor are not educated hunters 'kill' they can not profit. Benar2 great sin.

In my opinion, that death was not sia2 trenggiling2. Meat & scales should not be destroyed, but processed correctly for medical needs. Meat if indeed there is importer wants, can be sold at high prices. The results of these billions that could be used to protect the remaining population of anteaters. So at least there is a legacy given by the ancestors of armadillos for the future fate of his successor so that later they are better & mudah2an not extinct.

Pangolin scales have a structure that resembles vegetables artichokes.

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