Monday, October 10, 2011

little horse

North Dakota, USA Syarikat - A horse named Bella Contessa is probably the smallest horse in the world kerana it as high as 53.3 centimeters (cm) and weighing 25.4 kilograms (kg), reported an overnight akhbar.

Only six months old, Bella does not exceed the height of a normal grain of the pumpkin.

Bella now lives with its owner, Alison Smith.

The horse was said to often spend time in a cage with another horse, named Lilly, and two goats.

When born, Bella 38.1sm tall and weighing only 4:08 kg, not much difference with the weight of human babies. In habit, the other a small horse-high 45.7sm until 55.9sm depend on the fetus and weighing 9.97 kg.

"Bustling doctoral veterinar told that Bella is the most perfect little horse and has no characteristics of a dwarf horse. He also does not suffer from health problems and very dainty," said Alison. - Agencies

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