Monday, October 10, 2011

big frog predators

With a grumble and gray skin, it is enough to make another small animal be afraid to be near him.

Amphibians are said to be an aggressive carnivore, capable of jumping as high as 3.65 meters and has sharp teeth. If bitten, prey that became exposed to the food will taste like sharp splinters of glass.

Right guard Tropical Houses in Newquay Zoo, Cornwall, Britain, and Garrick is an expert in feeding the frog is also called as a Bullfrog or Latin name, Pyxicephalus adspersus it.

"He is a big frog predators saiz sit and wait animal walking in front of him. This frog is stimulated by movement and will grab almost all the objects within its range, this poor rat," said Dan who was 30 years old.

How to hunt frogs yellow green combination by way of a sudden attack on the animal could reach. Animals were confirmed victims of suffocation, because the shock prior to digestion. "If the prey is too large, then the frog waiting for his bowels out," explained Garrick.

Despite looking very ferocious, the frog turned out to have properties love. Always keep the parent frog eggs and tadpoles from the threat of predators. This type of frog is also exploring a special pool to ensure their children did not drought.

Frogs Africa or in Latin is called Adspersus pyxicephalus an insectivorous animals, rodents and birds. This frog is known as cannibals in order to beat the other frogs.

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