Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The biggest frog in the world

The biggest frog in the world who spotted this green has a habit of preying animals, even though rodents are also a target. Amphibious carnivore has an aggressive nature, can jump up to 12 feet and has teeth like shards of glass to tear the prey with their jaws shut.

It weighs a frog species can reach two pounds, with a length of 24 cm and grow from the cocoon watertight to prevent themselves from drought caused by the African sun is very hot.

This animal is a group of giant frogs predators who just shut up and wait for passing prey. With provoked by movement, this frog will quickly attack passing prey, including rodents. Rats would suffocate even before reaching the digestion.

If the prey is too large, this frog vomit it back and wait for the next prey. Although she has poor eating habits, but they were faithful parents and will guard their eggs and tadpoles from predators.

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